Daily Attendance

ABSENCE – Students should report to school by 7:30 AM each morning. If a student is absent, parents or guardians must provide absence notes upon the student’s return to school to excuse the absence.

LATE – If a student is LATE to school, a note must accompany the student to be excused. Three unexcused latenesses will become an absence.

Early Dismissal

Students will not be released to parents for early dismissal after 1:00 PM each and every school day.
Parents/Guardians must show picture ID in school office upon pick up of students.

Early Morning Policy

Students may enter the main building at 7:00 AM for breakfast, Grab & Go or the Cafeteria.
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and Autistic classes will be served breakfast in their classrooms.

School Policies and Regulations

Student Uniform

Light Blue Shirt
Navy Pants or Skirts

GYM Days
Yellow Shirt
Navy Blue Bottoms

Internet Use

Acceptable Use Policy for InternetĀ www.philasd.org/aupĀ